Artisan Condiments


​​Small Batch
artisan condiments

  • ​​vegetarian
  • vegan
  • large collection of gluten free
  • no Artificial ingrediants
  • no Palm Oil  

Delightfully Delectable 
From Our Kitchen to yours
  1. Chutney
    We have 12 flavours in our Chutney range. We pride ourselves in cooking each recipe in small batches to ensure our customers recieve the absolute best taste that they deserve. Each recipe is Slowly cooked for hours at a time for a truly delectable delight.
  2. Preserve
    Our 4 Preserves are all winners with our customers for both individuals and caterers alike. If you have had a truly outstanding jam/preserve in a local deli,cafe or restaurant there is a good chance it is one of ours.
  3. Marmalade
    Our collection of 8 Marmalades are all cooked the traditional way in small batches and closely monitored to ensure the consistancy and taste is perfect for your morning consumption.